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Vintage Mending Thread Ribbons



Black & white

Ribbons of woven mending thread…so practical and yet so difficult to find ones with quality thread! These are vintage stock from a shop in England.

Take a tip for savvy costume designers who use them for one-the-spot adjustments — carry them in your mending kit to have a length of thread to quickly sew on a button or make small repairs.

Or put them in your Museum of Haberdashery…you know, your collection of satisfyingly beautiful sewing items including those things passed to you from your grandma. I have no intention to use most of the items in my own little Museum of Haberdashery, but they give me such joy so that is enough of a purpose for them to serve. :-)

Dimensions: 1.25”w x 18”l

A colorful version of a thread ribbon is also a part of this sewing kit.

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