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Red Damas Fabric


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Renaissance style fabric in red, pink and off-white tones. It is called Damas because of the large motif evoking the famous Byzantine fabrics. Prints available are:

  • Primary Pattern: This cloth has a 6.5cm band on each side with a different motif from the centre. This band can be left if you are using the fabric to make curtains, tablecloths or even a large plaid. But you can also use your imagination to make a bag handle, or an insert strip on a cushion. Length of band on each side: 6.5cm. Repeat central motif: vertical 34.5 cm – horizontal 17.6 cm. Repeat motif on band: vertical 34.5cm - horizontal 6.5cm. 

  • Coordinate 1: Lattice print fabric in red, pink and off-white tones. Each lattice is printed with polka dots or a criss cross pattern. Repeat motif: vertical 14.5cm - horizontal 12cm.

  • Coordinate 2: Polka dot fabric on red base coordinate with our two red Damas motifs.


Swatches are 19.7” x 29.5” or 50x75cm
Fabric is a nice, heavy 100% percale cotton - 140g/m²

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