Plant-dyed Embroidery Thread, Reds

Plant-dyed Embroidery Thread, Reds


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Color Reds

Enjoy the colors created by using only natural materials!

Use for embroidery, punch needle,  sashiko, kogin-zashi, darning, Japanese binding, tassels, pompons, cross stitch, braiding, wrapping, temari, macrame, bobbin lace, etc.

Twisted thread intended to be used as a single strand; not separable

Thickness: Equivalent to 3 strands of DMC No. 25 embroidery threads

Hand dyed with plants

100% cotton
12.5m per skein

Enjoy encounters with different colors for each production lot.

Imagine the story of the material.

Since the colors go well with each other, dare to use multiple colors instead of a single color.

Enjoy the place where the impression of color changes depending on the color scheme.

Enjoy the color fluctuations unique to hand dyeing.

Many materials are specially collected from all over Japan and are hand-dyed by craftsmen. Deciduous leaves, pruned branches, vegetable peels and seeds, weeds, etc. that you will find in your life. Other colors come from distant countries such as India, and natural materials are also used for dyeing.

Hand-dyed with only natural materials in Nishiogikubo and Nagano prefectures.

NOTE: Due to the characteristics of plant dyeing and hand dyeing, the color may change slightly depending on the production lot, so if you wish to purchase more, we cannot prepare the exact same color.
There may be color unevenness.
Store in the shade out of direct sunlight.
It may be discolored by fruit juice or sweat.
Dark colors (especially indigo) may fade or transfer. Please wash separately from other items until the color fades.