Uppercase magazine, Issue 53

Uppercase magazine, Issue 53

Issue 53

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Flowers, plants and gardens have always inspired creativity. It’s within our nature to be drawn to beauty and to cultivate it around us.

Sowing flowers from seed, planting a garden and developing a community green space are acts of hope. There is no guarantee that weather and circumstance will cooperate with our plans, but if we’re willing to get our hands dirty, water what we’ve sown and invest our attention, then that can often be reward enough.

A single strawberry you’ve nurtured from flower to fruit is so much sweeter than berries purchased shrink wrapped at the supermarket!

During these challenging times, many of us have turned to nature for nourishment and healing. Not only have we grown fruit, vegetables and flowers, we’ve produced art, design and craft inspired by the garden.

Often the best way to take care of one’s self is to care for something completely outside of our own being.

April - May - June 2022