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Adorable Mouse & Stick Darning Kit Vol. 2

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Adorable Mouse & Stick Darning Kit Vol. 2

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For clothing that you still want to wear but may be less than perfect--darning.

Darning is the process of using thread to repair a damaged part of fabric. If it is a small hole, even a beginner can take about 30 minutes to transform a garment into something more special and personalized. 

Let Hikaru Noguchi, the guru of visible darning in Japan be your guide to visible mending. She'll guide you step-by-step through a process that is akin to embroidery and embellishment. Supported by dozens of colored photos, her detailed descriptions make the methods easy to follow, even for non-sewers. 

The stylish photography highlights the artistic and minimalist style of the designer's work. You will be inspired, I promise.

These are the first mouse shaped and stick shaped darning tools, innovated by darning leader Hikaru Noguchi. It has become a practical needle work tool that can help you create beautiful forms.

You can use the mouse by holding it or resting on a table. It is very useful for when you darn pockets where it would be difficult to fit the standard darning mushroom.
There is a groove on the side of the mouse where you can stretch a hair elastic to hold your material.

You can also use the stick for darning gloves, bag corners, etc.

The darning tools are both made of beech wood, and feature the Hikaru Noguchi signature darning emblem.

This set contains: 

  • Darning stick
  • Darning mouse
  • Needle
  • 10 types of thread
  • Needle threader
  • 36-page instruction booklet

Dimensions: Darning Mouse -- 85mm x 65mm x 18mm; Darning Stick -- 11mm x 25mm approx.

NOTE: The instruction booklet is bound discreetly in the outmost cover sheet so if you work it out carefully, you will be able to pull out the book from the box cover. The instructions are only in Japanese, but the numerous diagrams and photos will guide an adventurous beginner. If you prefer your instructions written in English instead, we suggest the book, Darning: Make Mend Repair written by the same author. It has even more content than the booklet with this kit.

MSRP: $64