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Linen Grosgrain Ribbon in Saturated Colors


A 100% linen ribbon dyed in saturated colors--these make perfect gift wrap ties, part of home decor, or even as a button band stabilizer for hand knit sweaters. 

Colors shown are (left to right): seafoam, navy, olive, purple, black, natural, natural white, pink, red, orange.

Dimensions: 12mm

Ribbon is sold by the yard. Multiple yards will be cut as a continuous piece.

Made in Japan

A note from our founder, Kristin: "When I saw this ribbon in Tokyo, I literally stopped and waited to approach. I couldn't believe my eyes; it was exactly what I had been looking for. I've talked to ribbon makers from Warsaw to Saint Etienne to Prague but hadn't found the right ribbon. But this is it! This family-run company in Japan hits all the right points and I can't wait to introduce you to more of their lovelies! BTW, I especially like that the daughters are the ones who insisted they weave organic cotton and linen. #smartwomen"

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