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Magewappa Toolbox Sewing Set


This is a great gift set of Cohana's popular basic sewing items in the beautiful wooden Magewappa Toolbox. A cross-stich design in gentle colors adorns the lid. The tool box comes with a detachable embroidery hoop that conveniently nests as the box's outside rim.

A delightful bent-wood box with a removable and usable embroidery hoop! It is absolutely beautiful and a delight for the senses.

The box includes a removable partition. The lid displays a completed cross-stitch, which gives the item the warmth of a human touch.

A Magewappa, or bent wood, box is formed from bending straight-grain cedar. The accompanying embroidery hoop is bent and made by hand, one by one, from thinly-shaved Japanese cedar and hinoki cypress. The handicraft of the artisan, pliability of the wood, and perfectly-straight wood grain together make for a beautiful wooden curve.
These Magewappa boxes were created by MOCKATS, an artisan who transitioned to a wappa craftsman from a furniture craftsman to spread the word of the high quality of Tottori Prefecture's Chizu cedar to the entire country. They studied under a teacher from the birthplace of the Magewappa craft, Akita Prefecture, and maintain a reliable quality as they demonstrate this craft to its fullest extent. 

The flower cross-stitch design on the lid is available in two colors — warm-colored Coharu in pink + yellow; and cool-colored Aoi in blue + aqua.

Set Contents:

  • Magewappa Toolbox with Embroidery Hoop (15cm)
  • Tape Measure with Yuzen Leather Cover
  • Shozaburo Thread Snips with Iga Silk Braid
  • Cypress Pincushion
  • Ohajiki Sewing Pins
  • Meboso Needle Set (Light to Medium Weight)
  • Iida Mizuhiki Needle Threader
  • Wooden Thread Spool (White & Black)
  • Wrapped with a matching color cloth
  • Cohana original gift tag

Made in Japan

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