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Noël Stitch-a-Long Thread Bundle


Bundle of 22 colors of DMC embroidery floss for the Noël Stitch-a-Long!

You may also be interested in the pre-printed white linen/cotton fabric for the Noël Stitch-a-Long

Made in France


Details of the Stitch-a-Long (SAL): 

We are hosting Christel Elbaz, the owner and creative force behind the French embroidery company, Un Chat dans l'Aiguille. And together, we are going to make the Noël Star design.

She will give live instruction, and we'll both answer your questions. 

The SAL sessions will be on Facebook Live and Instagram Live at 1:00 PM on the following days:

  • Monday, Nov 16
  • Wednesday, Nov 18
  • Monday, Nov 23
  • Wednesday, Nov 25

The session will be recorded, so you'll also be able to catch up if you miss a session. Or the video is there for you to review the stitches, if need be. 

The instruction is free, and we have the pre-printed fabric and a 22-color thread bundle to make it easy to participate. You'll also want an embroidery hoop. Most adults find that a hoop size No. 2 (5.1") or No. 3 (6.3")  fits well in their hands; however, if you want to frame your finished piece, then consider a No. 5, which is a bit larger. 

Details will be posted to our Facebook and Instagram feeds, and also emailed to customers who purchase the supplies. 

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