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Ukigami Little Box of Colored Pencils


This little drawer-style box is made from ukigami, a type of Echizen washi paper produced with unique methods. Inside you will find high-quality colored pencils produced by Camel Pencil Mfg. Founded in 1939 and located in Tokyo's Arakawa Ward, Camel Pencil Mfg. is one of a select number of long-standing pencil manufacturers in Japan. Easy to draw with and producing good color, these pencils come in a set of 6, including black in addition to Cohana's traditional Japanese colors. The wooden shaft fits gently into the hand, and around it is wrapped a string in the same color as the lead. Without you realizing, the design makes sketching and handicrafts even more of a pleasure.

Finished to a compact size for easy carrying with the matching Blank Book with Ukigami Cover. Remove the box's lining, and you can use it to hold things like cards, clips, buttons, and thread. A string in the same color as the lead is wrapped around the pencil's shaft.

Available in five colors:

  • Yellow
  • Pink
  • Aqua Green
  • Blue
  • Gray


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