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Hexagonal Temari Box



This sewing box is a wooden hexagonal box topped with a temari ball. 

The hexagon is an auspicious shape, representing harmony and stability, and it goes well with temari, which is used as a celebration or a special gift.

The temari ball is made by Temaricious, a company that has been producing temari and naturally dyed threads since 2014. Temariciousʼ mission is to encourage people to “enjoy Temari as you like” . They collect vegetation that they find in their daily lives to create calm and muted colored dyes that are only possible with natural materials. The Temari made with their motto and naturally dyed threads makes the Japanese traditional folk art modern and delicate.

The small box uses high-quality mountain cherry trees from the Tohoku region. The smooth texture of the wood and the beautiful grain enhance the cuteness of the Temari.

This box is the perfect size to store Cohana's small tools, and we recommend using it as a small sewing box.

The size is easy to use for accessories and accessory cases, and it is lovely home decor suitable for any room in your home. 

Dimensions: 4.3"(110mm)w × 3" (75mm)h × 4"(103mm)d

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