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Mini Scissors from Seki


Fine Scissors with Gold Lacquer


Rose Gold Scissors


Eiffel Scissors


Rooster Scissors


Snappy Red Scissors


Sculpted Embroidery Scissors

From $34.00 - $36.00

Cohana Snips with Silk Braid


Curved Gold Embroidery Scissors


Shozaburo Thread Snips


Garment Worker’s Snips


Professional Tailor Shears


Banshu Sewing Shears with Lacquered Handles (Sakura)


Banshu Lacquer Sewing Shears


Black Teflon Scissors


Tiny Red Embroidery Scissors


Flat Handled Scissors


Small 24k Gold Scissors

Sinister Left-Handed Scissors

Sinister Left-Handed Scissors


Classic Bead Scissor


Silver Scroll Embroidery Scissors


Long Bow Scissors


Mini Scissors, Creamy Gold


Scissors with Gold Lacquer, Creamy Gold


Set of Mini Scissors and Mini Masu Pin Cushion, Sakura


Triple Lacquer Sewing Box


Tiny Lacquer Sewing Boxes


Sewing Kit in Wooden Box


Practical Sewing Set


Sewing Set of 5 Tools, Creamy Gold


Scissors Sheath, Cobalt blue


Scissors Sheath, Ruby red


Brigid Sewing Set


Ring Thread Cutter


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