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Professional Tailor Shears



Handmade to exacting standards, these long, smooth blades give a consistent and precise cut. And the subtle gold shimmer on the black handle lends a fitting elegance to such a beautiful although utilitarian tool. 

The 12″ side bent tailor’s shears are the ultimate tool for an amatuer to uplevel to a professional tool. 

The scissors is so well balanced, it takes surprisingly little effort to maneuver a tool of this weight. The mass of the tool drives the forward making long, straight cuts with ease. A wide bolt at the hinge enables them to rest upright on your cutting table, easing the effort and increasing the joy of using them. Think of it as a little kickstand like the one on your bicycle. 

These shears hold their sharp edge and will last generations. 

Made with carbon steel using the traditional process of drop forging practices by bladesmiths of this region for centuries. We have visited their workshop and appreciated in person the careful refinement they put into their scissors. 

Dimensions: Overall length -- 12″ (30 cm)

Forged and refined by bladesmiths in Italy

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