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What our customers say

"I have now purchased a few items at different times from your website. I wanted to tell you that you have the most BEAUTIFUL website I have ever seen. There is such an elegance to your presence that I want to be part of what you do. Thank you for brightening my day with your emails and your products in my home!" -- M.P.

"I love all my tiny sewing kit items. It's perfect for travel with my one-inch hexagon project and with my cross stitch and embroidery projects. Thank you for such finely crafted and beautiful products. Well worth the price for beauty and balance." -- B.A.

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"Thanks so much, Anthony. I finally ordered the bag with the bins you suggested. And maybe some needles jumped along, too! I really love your store's aesthetic so much. Thanks for making such beautiful products available!" -- C.R.

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"I received the beautiful knitting needle case and have safely housed my needles in it. It is so well designed and made that I know I won't have any more needles escape." -- L.C.

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