Hand Sewing

Sewing by hand — whether piecing quilt blocks, making a pouch, or even a garment — is gaining well-deserved popularity. It can be done on our lap while watching a show, and it’s portable so you can take it to the beach or park. Knitters have shown us for years how portable their projects are, and stitchers could learn a few things from them. 

You'll need a needle with a small eye so your thread doesn't slip out. We especially like the Misuya and Cohana ones. 

The Easy Needle Threader will reduce your frustration of threading a fine needle is a pain point for you. 

And you'll need sewing thread. Use the same spool you might already have for your sewing machine, or elevate your craft with one of the cotton or silk threads that are especially for hand sewing. 

That's it! So simple. If you want to keep your hand stitching supplies together, we recommend a notions pouch. And a project bag helps to keep your fabric and everything together so it's all there ready for you. 

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