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Waxed Linen Star Card



Linen thread is the historical thread of the Fil Au Chinois brand. When the company was founded in 1847, sewing machines did not exist and linen thread made up the bulk of their sales. 

These star cards are a delightful way of presenting thread that was very popular in days gone by. It was an era when the world was not saturated by images as we are today, a time where an image that was revealed as the product was used was a veritable attraction. The star cards are decorated with six different designs, each depicting the renowned Chinaman during different periods. The color of the cards is random, a card color does not necessarily correspond with the thread color.

This thread is useful for quilting, leatherwork, reinforcing bags, etc. 

Available in assorted colors.



  • Length of thread : 20m
  • Weight if thread: 40
  • Card diameter -- 2-1/8" (5.5cm)

The north of France is the traditional area for textile and thread production. Among the most mythical of thread brands, Fil au Chinois, a brand which would have disappeared without the tenacity of two manufacturers, Olivier and Bruno Toulemonde, who bought it in 2007. In collusion with Frédérique Crestin-Billet, all the packaging was revised and new products created.

The brand Fil au Chinois is very old: it dates from the 19th century, a time when orientalism was very much in fashion. This vintage formulation “Au Chinois” signifies simply “illustrated by a Chinaman”.

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