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June Cashmere Darning Yarn



Make your projects truly special with the gorgeousness of this fiber! Use this for darning, wool embroidery, or to add small amounts of colors to your knitting.

This cashmere has an honored identity as one of the world’s finest fibers. June Cashmere's 100% cashmere fiber is collected directly from Kyrgyz shepherds living on small family farms along the ancient Silk Road amidst the soaring mountains of Central Asia. June is the Kyrgyz word for animal fiber, which is a centuries-old vital resource and essential element of their nomadic lifestyle. From felted woolen rugs, to the clothes on their backs, june has made itself an indelible part of Kyrgyz culture. 

We especially appreciate that they way June Cashmere does business, exhibiting high levels of social, economic, and environmental care. 

For mending, this cashmere yarn is best used on wovens like sweaters. 

100% Kyrgyz cashmere yarn

3-ply Fingering weight

~9 yds

Combed from goats in Kyrgystan, spun and dyed in Scotland

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