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Retors du Nord Embroidery Thread



Premium embroidery thread in such delicious colors!! 

The Retors du Nord cotton embroidery thread comes in four separable strands and can be used as any other embroidery thread. By comparison, It is slightly finer than DMC's stranded cotton. It is also slightly shinier and slides better. 

For ecological reasons, Retors du Nord embroidery floss is not colorfast. To make a thread colorfast involves using highly-polluting treatments, which are in our opinion, totally unjustified for embroidery purposes. However, it can be washed up to 104°F/ 40°C -- just be careful never to use boiling water or bleach.

Dimensions: 7cm x 9cm. Each card has 20m of 4-strand floss.

Made in France

You can view collections of this thread at a reduced price per card here

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