Brushstrokes Bandana by Toiro

Brushstrokes Bandana by Toiro

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You can totally rock this bandana! Featuring rows of organic lines, it vibes workwear chic.

The humble square of cloth has plenty of options for creative styling -- triangle necker with the knot in front or back, rolled into a headband or scarf. Also tie it onto the handle of your bag or double it around your wrist.

It's definitely functional, too. As Kristin learned as a Girl Scout, a bandana is the jack knife of cloth and she always has one (or more!) with her. It keeps cool air off one's neck when it's cold, and it absorbs sweat when it's warm. Use it to catch a sneeze or wipe your face after a sweaty subway ride, admittedly not in that order. But you get the idea.

Made from 100% cotton gauze

Dimensions: 19-3/4" square (50 x 50cm)

Made in Japan

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