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Aluminum Tip Crochet Hook


A comfortable bamboo handle with a super-smooth aluminum tip!

The handles of the crochet hooks have grooves to make it easier to hold and to prevent slipping.
The grips stabilize the tips to make crocheting comfortable and less tiring on your hands.

These SeeKnit crochet hooks are made by Kinki Amibari, a 100+ year old Japanese company using a proprietary high-temperature process that strengthens and darkens the bamboo. They are then polished with natural plant-based wax for an ultra-smooth finish.

The crochet hooks are available in the following sizes:
2.00 mm
2.50 mm
3.00 mm
3.50 mm (E / 4)
4.00 mm (G / 6)
5.00 mm (H / 8)
6.00 mm (J /10)

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