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Brigid Wool Pouch, Gray


Wool pom poms!! On Merino wool felt pouches! 

We use the most beautifully-textured wool felt, in dreamy colors that you’ll love. 

The structure of this pouch makes it stand open — perfect for easy access to lots of notions, cosmetics, or a knitting project. Or, use it as the softest clutch you’ve ever held.

The small is a great for notions, pencils, or cosmetics. 

The medium works for a small knitting project like socks or a sleeve. Or if you are one to carry a lot of cosmetics, notions, or pencil things, this is the one for you. 

The large makes a soft bowl from which to knit. 

Made of 100% eco-friendly wool, sourced from high quality mills, and sewn here in the studio in Brooklyn


  • Small — 9”l x 4.25”h x 2”d
  • Medium -- 11"l x 6"h x 2"d
  • Large — 14”l x 8.5”h x 3”d

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