Misuya Hand Sewing Needles Set of 25 みすや

Misuya Hand Sewing Needles Set of 25 みすや

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Misuya Needles are a special quality of needles produced by Japanese needle shop Misuya Chubei in the Matusbara district of Kyoto, Japan.

An assortment of five different types of needles for sewing by hand:
三,二 = 3/2 Needle: a sewing needle for cotton and thick material
三,五 = 3/5 Needle: for blind stitching hems on cotton and thick material
四,二 = 4/2 Needle: a whipping needle for silk and wool
四,五 = 4/5 Needle: a large needle for sewing or blind stitching on silk or wool
大ちやぼ = Large Chabo Needle: for attaching buttons and working with thick fabrics

These needles are packaged in a pink paper envelope with five of each needle type wrapped in paper packets. 25 needles total.

Packaging is in Japanese. Please use the above reference list as a guide.

Made in Kyoto, Japan.