Artisan Feature: Silk Iga Braids for Shozaburo Thread Snips

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Shozaburo scissors boasting in the world continue to make direct, one by one without any compromise to quality, direct craftmen who inherit the spirit of founder · Shozaburo.

To the handle of scissors, from the Nara period before, wrapped Iga's Kimi saw, which was mainly made up as a string of weapons, and finished it modernly.

Not to mention the sharpness, the silk thread dyed beautifully gently blends into the hand and exudes a unique texture and taste.

Shozaburo Iga Kumihomo's Thread Liner / Shozaburo × Matsushima Braid Store Tokyo Mie

Because of its high quality, Shozaburo who is widely known to lovers of dressmaking and harmony, and many fans abroad. Yajuro Yoshida who was a swordsmith in the 1800 's worked on the research of "Japanese scissors" making full use of their swordsmithing technology. Even now, Shosaburo's direct craftmen who inherited the spirit continue to make one by one without any compromise to quality one by one. Matsushima braid store that makes kumemo in Mie / Iga land. Shopkeeper Shunsuke Matsushima sticks to making strings with a combination taste, taking advantage of wisdom and experience as a traditional craftsman. I make use of the gloss of silk thread and continue to find the beauty of tradition. 
Cohana 's thread cutter is made by manually winding Iga Kimihito of Matsushima braided shop, one by one, to Shozaburo' s thread cutting shears whose sharpness is excellent. While checking the compatibility with the steel that was anodized, we repeatedly tried and dyed the color of the warp cord.

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